Tuesday, August 4, 2009


It's another wonderful Wednesday ( well almost) Today I will show you a cute way to make use of old crystal light containers. It's a green way to give something to another person. This is a thank you container! As with all my wonderful Wednesdays, if you are a follower and make a comment on the board you have a chance to win this cute container to fill with treats and give to someone who deserves it :)

Crystal light container
PP (I use scraps)
fiskers edge paper punch of your choice
stamp of your choice
hole punch
ink pad

1. cut a 3x12 piece of patterned paper, ink the edges and glue it around the container.
2. Cut another 3x12 paper. then use your fiskers to puch the edges. Ink and glue around container.

3. trace your lid then cut out the resulting circle and fit it inside the lid. (I also ink the edges of this.

4. get your ribbon and glue it around your container.
5. Ink your choice of stamps and then stamp the container

6. puch hole in the lid and side of the container.
7. slide fiber through to the top of the lid. Here, I like to add my button and tie a knot!

As you can see this is an easy project. A can do for any level of scrapper. and a cute way to say thank you.

DON'T FORGET... comment and become a follower. You could win this cute container.


  1. what a cute alter project. I love it. Thanks for the great give away. :0)

  2. Hey GF!!! What a cool project!!! Wish I would have saved some of these, but DH made me purge my excess of containers!! UGH! Guess I'll just have to get some more!! :0)

  3. So cute, but don't enter me to win. I have a lot of crystal light containers that I *need* to alter, now that I've seen your beautiful project!