Thursday, August 13, 2009

Today's news

first congrats to scrappinmomto2girls. She won my blog giveaway! Don't be discouraged if you didn't. I draw names so everyone has a chance :) I will add my son's cake I made today and a couple layouts to share

my Woo in the bath :)

my first cake attempt ever (I mean beside just one in a pan) so I will take it. Logan liked it :)


  1. Amber WOW what a cake and you made it!! very impressed!!
    Also your sud fun layout very very your blog by the way

  2. Love love love the cake!!

    OMG ty for the wonderful giveaway!! I feel so happy!! eeeee!!!!!

  3. Wow, what a cake! Very impressive for a first attempt!!!

    Gutted I didn't spot your giveaway until too late! Congrats scrappinmomto2girls!!

  4. congrats to scrappinmom--what a neat little blog giveaway

    Amber love your layout
    too stinkin cute
    he's a doll
    and yup testing Taylor's blood
    her sugars are all over the place
    and she has these spells where she is all shaky
    so the doctor is doing a vast amount of tests to find out what's happening
    it's become a way of life here
    and she's been so brave testing it
    in the beginning it was a nightmare
    the ouch would break her heart and mine
    now she is an old pro and i am so proud of her